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Welcome to our Yard & Building Ministry Page! 

The grounds of St. Matthews are maintained on a volunteer basis by a wonderful group of volunteers; some people offer to look after more winter-based maintenance while others are more drawn to the spring/summer work. You are welcome to be a part of a small piece of the ministry or as much as you wish. Typically volunteers will sign up with a friend to split the work with or can be paired with another individual and then, as with any work, the tasks are divided by roster. Ie, you might only have to cut the grass twice a summer based on the rate of growth and number of volunteers willing to help. All the equipment required for the job is maintained and provided (lawnmowers, trimmers, snow blowers, shovels, etc). You can click here to email for more information or see the poster below! 


On the outside, volunteers with this ministry do some of the following:

* grass trimming and cutting

* parking lot clearing of snow or spring cleaning of rocks and debris 

* trimming shrubs and plants

* planting and maintaining flower pots and beds

* maintaining clearance of the sidewalks on church property

* building/maintaining ramps/church access