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St. Matthew's AGM

Posted 2/17/2021

Due to this ongoing pandemic situation, the Vestry of St. Matthew's has opted to move our AGM online. 

On Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 at 11:15am, the AGM of St. Matthew's will be called to order with Archdeacon Lee chairing the meeting over a zoom platform from St. Matthew's while everyone else tunes in from home. 

If you have attended an AGM for a parish before, you will know that the format and material covered typically ranges greatly, but there are five things that will always take place (or have in any that I have ever attended). 

These five things are:

1) an opening prayer

2) an attendance sheet/log of parishioners who are attending the AGM (to be then kept with the minutes of the meeting)

3) a declaration that states no voting member of the meeting will vote who has already voted or has intentions of voting in another parish AGM (this is to say that visitors are always welcome, but if you have or will be voting in another parish's AGM, you are not eligible to vote in this particular meeting). 

4) a budget is presented, discussed, and approved

5) a closing prayer


It seems exhilarating, right? I think so too! 


Here is what we need YOU to do if you wish to attend:

1) Email us @ stmattscommunication@gmail.com

2) When you email us that you would like to attend, you will be emailed back a google doc to fill out (a very basic form asking you to acknowledge the declaration stating that you will not (or have not) voted in another AGM, ask you your name (first and last), asks about others attending from your house (as we cannot log who we do not know about), and an email where the zoom link can be sent. 

3) On Sunday, Feb 28, as soon as we finish the live stream service (approx at 11am), grab your coffee or tea, stretch your legs, and then login to the zoom meeting (link will be emailed out to those registered). The meeting will start at 11:15 (church time). 


If you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out; that is what we are here for!