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Blue Christmas: December 17, 2019

Posted 12/9/2019

There is something to be said for those people who carry and exhibit all the joy that this season brings; perhaps they are on fire with all that the season of Advent is all about. They are like the John the Baptist's of 2019 and they (with their unbounding energy and limitless potential) are running circles around people like myself. I mean, good on them. But it certainly is not my cup of tea. 


Blue Christmas, however, is definitely my cup of tea. Or coffee. Or other hot beverage of choice. 


It is that one service in the year that always seems to stand out for me. It seems to be unique to the tradition and not every Anglican church hosts a service like this during Advent. It is a service that genuinely acknowledges that we live and work in a world where we are surrounded by broken and strife. If someone came and asked you if they could pray for someone on your behalf, I would be willing to promise you that you could think of at least one (if not many) people in your lives that warrant prayer warriors. This friend is fighting a medical battle of a lifetime and this friend is stuck in a bad work situation. This family member is in pain and this coworker is uncharacteristically silent. And do you know what stands out about this service every year? That it is the one place that breaks away from the common prayers and petitions of the regular Sunday morning to say, "I hear you" ... "I get it"... "Be assured of God's presence in that/through that/with you always"


If you have taken the time to click on the link, let this be an invitation to you personally. Come. Be. Know.