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Advent Lessons and Carols

Posted 12/15/2019

When I first attended a Lessons and Carols service, I will be honest... all I remember are the mincemeat tarts that I promised to try afterwards. I learned two things from that service. 1) I do not appreciate mincemeat as much as others thought I might and 2) One should never agree to something before they realize what they are agreeing to. For a tart that appears to look like a buttertart, it is rather different. 

Rest assured, no one will pressure you into trying mincemeat tarts after this traditional and beloved service as I do not believe there will be any there. That said, this is a service that I would encourage you to attend! 

Our line up of music this year includes Imagine (yes! The Beatles version!!) ... Are you sitting there and wondering how "Imagine" would fit into the condensed, story version of our Christian faith? I guess you will just have to come to find out! It genuinely will make your Christmas season (or that's what I was told after we did a similar service last Advent by those who attended!) 

Details are on the poster!