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 2021 Diocese of Edmonton Electoral Synod

Unfortunately, the Right Rev. Dr. Jane Alexander has officially announced her resignation as Bishop of the Diocese of Edmonton, to be effective April 2021; as such, it is our tradition in the Anglican Church of Canada to then call an Electoral Synod to elect an incoming Bishop to serve in an episcopal fashion for the Diocese of Edmonton. 

It will be the commitment of our Vestry and Tech crew to keep this page updated with information, documents, bios, etc as they are made available to the parish for you to read. 

The 11th Electoral Synod (the Diocese of Edmonton's 67th Synod) will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2021


Diocesan Profile: This is like a job description summarized in 25 pages; it discusses where we currently find ourselves as a Diocese, current concerns we are facing and our list of qualities that we would like for our incoming bishop to speak to or possess themselves. It also speaks to the process of nominations. 

Diocesan Canons: These are the 7 pages of Diocesan Canons (governing laws) that outline the process and requirements as we move forward. These are like the guardrails on a winding road - they are meant to keep our tires on the road ahead of us

Nomination Form: This is the required nomination form in which the nominations are submitted through

Explanation about how someone is nominated: This is a link on the Diocesan website on how a candidate could be nominated to have their name on the ballot in June


What is a Bishop? [Discusses the role of the Bishop]

Electing a Bishop [Introduction in the process before the Diocese of Edmonton]


Here are the links to the documents that have been published so far by the Diocese of Edmonton in regards to the upcoming synod. Simply click on the title to open the documents *[newest documents listed on the top of the list]*

What is a Bishop (PDF Document outlining/discerning the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Edmonton)

What is a Bishop Group Bible Study/Discussion

Memorandum: Episcopal Election 

Call For Nominations for the Search Committee 

Nomination Form for the Search Committee